#25: The Brazil World Cup Protests


Brazil World Cup protests; sports & Spectacle; Black Seed review;Ukraine update

Listen to the Episode — 72 min


The recent World Cup prompted widespread protests across Brazil. In our 25th episode, we discuss why these protests took place, who participated, and how they connected to the uprisings of the last year. We share an audio collage of protest voices, an interview with Brazilian anarchists, and a Situationist-inspired critique of mass sports spectacles. The new green anarchist journal Black Seed appears on the Chopping Block, while a Ukrainian anarchist offers perspective on why things may not be so bleak there for anarchists as we thought. And there's hooliganism, a June 11th rundown, prisoner updates, reflections on the "global village," and Juggalos to boot! {July 16, 2014}

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