CrimethInc. auf Deutsch!


CrimethInc. Special Agent Nils writes from Germany to tell us about their printing of 20,000 full-colored copies of Reshape magazine, consisting largely of translated CrimethInc. writings:

Reshape magazine ready! After one year we’ve finally published a free magazine including several translations (to German) from the CrimethInc ex-Workers Collective. It contents several “old” translations we found in the elder magazine “Interface”—but we also did some translation-work of our own and therefore have many new texts. We hope to provoke some discussions in the German leftwing, autonomus, antifa, and anarchist scenes with this publication. You can read more about our motivations in the foreword. We’ll distribute the 20,000 copies through several activist mailordesr, infoshops and in the streets. If you want to help—get in touch! Further, we have a blog that contains more translations than were included in the magazine, with more to come.