Work Speaking Tour Back in the Midwest

Next week, CrimethInc. operatives will return to the Midwest for events in Columbus, OH, Champaigne-Urbana, IL, Chicago, IL, and Indianapolis, IN, continuing their ongoing speaking tour about the subjects discussed in the Work book. These talks will also engage with the strategic lessons of the Occupy movement in the broader context of anti-capitalist resistance.

Sunday, March 11, 6 pm: Columbus, OH Sporeprint Infoshop 172 E 5th Avenue Columbus, Ohio 43201 614 299 INFO

Monday, March 12, 7pm: Champaigne-Urbana, IL Gregory Hall, Room 319 University of Illinois Urbana, Illinois

Tuesday, March 13, 7 pm: Chicago, IL Columbia College 623 S. Wabash Ave - Hokin Lecture Hall (Room 109) Chicago, IL 60605

Wednesday, March 14, 6 pm: Indianapolis 1051 East 54th Street Indianapolis, IN 46220

Thanks to Ben for sending us this photo of his eighteen-month-old son, capturing perfectly the exact moment he finished reading Work in one marathon sitting.